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What happens with NetID when I had a student AND employee account?
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The new NetID system does not allow multiple email accounts and credentials for a single user and so things are changing for users that have both EMPLOYEE and STUDENT accounts. In our environment we maintain two separate email systems. MS365 for students and Outlook Exchange for employees. We have a plan to migrate all your student emails into the employee email account. You will maintain access to the other MS365 services you may be using that are not email. Your student MS 365 email account will be closed and you will use your employee email account as your primary inbox for both moving forward. The existing email messages in your student email account will be archived and copied into a subfolder in your staff email account. You will see this as a folder named after your student email address.

  • All student email will now be handled with your EMPLOYEE email account.
    • All STUDENT emails will be archived and added as a folder in this account.


The new NetID system does not allow multiple blackboard accounts and credentials for a single user and so within Blackboard if you have a STUDENT and INSTRUCTOR account, we will use your student account as the main account. This will ensure your coursework stays intact and we will work to enroll that student account back into the courses you also have an instructor role. We will disable the old faculty account, but still retain access to the information should we need to reference courses you are instructor. We did take a snapshot of the Blackboard system as of 12/15/2020 and know all the courses each of your accounts are enrolled. In the courses you are listed as an instructor, we will be re-enrolling your converted NetID account into the correct courses.

  • All Blackboard access STUDENT and FACULTY will be through one NetID account.
    • This account will be re-enrolled as INSTRUCTOR in the courses you are listed instructor.

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