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Software - ESET Anti-Virus - Upgrade Requirements
Last Updated 3 years ago

The Current version of ESET Anti-Virus requires that the Operating System (Windows) must be at least Windows 10 for continued updates.  What this means is that if a computer has Windows 10 installed they are eligible for ESET Anti-Virus updates/upgrades; However there are some stipulations to this.

1. The computer must be able to connect to the CSU Pueblo Network. (Wired is preferred, however the CSUP Wireless network will work as well).
a. If the computer is on the CSU Pueblo network and is not automatically updating, please verify that the Operating System is Windows 10.  If it is, the software can be "Pushed" from the ESET server as long as the following conditions are met.
         i. The unit is powered on.
         ii. The unit is connected to the ColoState-Pueblo Domain.
         iii. The unit is able to reboot at will (this is needed for upgrading).
b. If the "Push" from the server does not work, the software can be installed by the Technicians manually. (Please verify requirements beforehand).
     c. If the Operating System is below Windows 10 (Windows 7/8) the ESET program can not be upgraded.  Please upgrade the Operating System before proceeding. (ESET Anti-Virus definitions will continue to be sent to the unit if the unit does not meet the OS requirements via an Internet connection).

2. If the computer is not connected the CSU Pueblo Network (ex. User has a CSU Pueblo Notebook or Tablet) please instruct the User to bring the unit to the CSU Pueblo campus and connect to the network (wired/wireless). Please verify and follow the steps listed above to upgrade the ESET program.

Please Note:  ESET is not capable of Upgrading the software on a device that is 'External' or 'Off-Campus'. (Again, ESET Anti-Virus definitions will continue to be sent to the unit, even externally via an Internet connection).

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